Job Description:
Nursery/Pre-School Teacher

• Giving people a good start at a young age is key to your role as a Nursery or Pre-school teacher.

• Working with children of Nursery or Primary Schools you may play a very vital role – social, personal,physical and emotional development of children.
• You will learn to plan a large amount of indoor and outdoor activities as part of your daily schedule.
• Every day you will be assisting in teaching language, literacy and numeracy helping children reach early learning goals and good behavioural patterns.

Successful Teaching is the one that:
• Brings out the hidden talents of the Child
• The nature gifts each Child with some talent, Physical, Mental, Spiritual
• Successful Teaching helps Child to discover & used these talents for the benefit of Individual
Child, Family, Society & Nation.
• Successful Teaching is that which brings modifications in behaviour patterns of The Child
that develops correct Attitudes, Moral Values & Sublimating Good conducts
• Successful Teaching is the one that makes the Child feel gaind while returning home
• Successful Teaching means that the knowledge gained is practically applicable in real life
situations & hence the teacher has to teach by presenting examples from daily life situations