Educationists believe that time spent by young children in Nursery School is of great value in shaping their future, Though at most places children are supposed to start their studies from tender age. Some schools are Day-cum Residential schools whereas some others are part of senior schools.

Nursery schools are not meant to formally educate pupils. These schools aim at developing particular trait among children. They get an opportunity to learn manners and etiquettes, to work in groups and participate in different activities. All the activities are facilitated by teachers. Most importantly, child learns to be Self-Dependent & Self- Reliant & gradually becomes lesser dependent on parents or elders for their day to day needs.

• Primary Education being the very foundation on the basis of
which entire future life career & personality is built is of utmost
• Therefore, primary Education is required to be handled by
enlightened & very well trained teachers
• Child learns at primary stage all the virtues of life truthfulness,
honesty & responsiveness
• Cooperation, fellow feeling, team work, sharing & socialization
takes place at Primary stage
• Foundation of Morality & Ethics are laid down in Child’s Character
at Primary Stage
• Primary education lays the groundwork for future successful life
with values & skills.